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Children’s Headband Or Socks? A ClayBear Accessory Guide

Accessories are a great way to brighten up your little one’s outfit with that little something extra. From headbands to socks, here’s our guide.

As parents, it can often seem as if there are a million and one things to think about regarding our children. From bedtimes and breakfasts to school runs and birthdays, it can all feel a little overwhelming at times. However, amongst the rushing and running around, there are so many elements of joy and moments to take pleasure in.

One of the many joys of parenting is choosing your little one’s clothing, outfits and accessories. It is a chance to express their little personalities and have them looking even cuter than before. From summer dresses and shoes to backpacks and blankets, there are so many options to choose from when dressing up your bear cubs.

Often overlooked, but equally important, is the addition of accessories to your collection. There are so many exciting and beautiful items to choose from when brightening up an outfit. What’s more, accessories are by no means limited to clothing alone; here at ClayBear, you’re sure to find the perfect something for every occasion.

Here is our guide to the many accessories available in the ClayBear range.

Why Accessorise?

During the process of shopping for your little one, you may find yourself pondering the reasons for accessorising. There are so many benefits to including beautiful additions to an outfit or occasion. Not only do accessories add a special element to clothing, such as a headband or some terry socks, they can also serve a number of practical purposes, such as identifying possessions easily with cute key keychains or keeping food safe and carryable in a lunch bag.

Choosing The Right Accessories

As is the case with any purchase for a young child, it is important to understand the range of items available to make informed decisions as to the right accessories. Whether the items are for your own little one, or a gift for a friend or relative, there are a few factors to keep in mind when shopping.

Firstly, it’s a good idea to think about the age of the recipient as this is key when choosing sizes as well as considering the longevity of an item. Moreover, have a think about items that relate to an element of their personality or something they’re enjoying right now. For example, if they’re obsessed with animals, an elephant print bib could be a lovely idea.

As mentioned briefly above, practicality is another crucial element to bear in mind when shopping for a little one. Could their accessories serve more than just an aesthetic purpose? There’s no reason they must, but it is worth considering how much use an item will get, and how long it will be used for.

Terry Socks

First on our list of accessories for your bear cub are some of the cutest little clothes available, terry socks. These adorable little things feature a traditional thick terry material, based on a french terry knit. As part of our ClayRare collection, they are available in 6 gorgeous colours and feature grips on their underside for stability and safety.

Moreover, these accessories are perfect all year round, keeping your little one’s toes warm on colder days and keeping their feet free of sand and dirt during beach days and summer adventures.

Changing Mats

Next on our list is an accessory that is both thoughtful and practical, changing mats. These handy little items are convenient, hygienic and available in so many cute patterns. Whether it's an accessory to add an element of practicality to your life as a parent, or a gift for someone else, a changing mat is a great way to make life easier.

Baby’s Bath Towels

As well as changing mats, why not consider brightening up your little one’s bedtime routine with our range of gorgeous towels? A cosy, warm towel is the perfect way to keep a little cub comfy and dry after bath time.

What’s more, measuring 140cm by 70cm, our wide range of beautifully decorated towels are perfect for everyone. Available in a wide range of patterns and designs, you’re sure to find one to suit your little cub’s personality.


Taking a step away from mats, towels and socks, there are so many exciting ways to accessorise an outfit, bookbag or coat. One of these is keyrings. A classic accessory for all ages, keyrings are a favourite for many reasons. Available in both silver and gold colours, our ClayBear keyrings are the perfect item for you or your little one. Why not buy one for each of you so your bags match?

Not only are they a great gift, sprucing up an outfit, lunchbox or changing bag, they are also more practical than you may think. Playdates, changing rooms and lounges can get cluttered and if your friends have children too, items can easily get lost or confused. Buying a recognisable keyring for your child’s bag or coat is an easy way to ensure it doesn't get muddled with another.


Next on the list are bibs. Most parents will know how helpful these accessories are when it comes to feeding your little ones. Not only are our bibs comfy, durable and soft, as they’re available in a range of cute patterns and designs, they look great too! Featuring fleece backings for softness and a two button design, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your cub.


For us parents who love to add an extra touch to our little cub’s outfits, a headband is an adorable way of brightening up their wardrobe. What’s more, with a wide range of colours, patterns and designs to choose from, there are endless possibilities to match a headband with another of our ClayBear accessories.

As well as the abundance of aesthetic charm a headband provides, it is also an incredibly practical accessory, perfect for keeping hair out of eyes and stopping little cubs from making a big mess at dinner time.

Water Bottles

Another accessory that serves its purpose all year round, is a water bottle. A good bottle is an essential for any lunchbox or baby bag, keeping you and your cub hydrated on long days out and busy adventures.

Our water bottles are available in many colours, featuring soft spouts and BPA free plastic.

Splash Mats

Next on the list are splash mats. We all know how curious our little cubs are, and play is an important part of their development; splash mats are a brilliant way to nurture your children’s freedom while avoiding any nasty spills.

Here at ClayBear, our splash mats are suitable for all ages and available in a range of patterns, from fruit to animals and many more. What’s more, they’re versatile and easy to clean, perfect for your little one.

Blankets & Muslins

Finally, one thing that every parent wants is for their child to be comfortable. For this reason, blankets & muslins make the perfect addition to any home. Available in so many colours and patterns and using only the highest quality materials, our blankets & muslins are ideal for your cub to snuggle up with, helping them to feel safe and relaxed wherever they are.

Pairing Accessories

No matter which accessories you choose for your child, they’re sure to make a welcome addition to any outfit, adventure or bedtime routine. With this in mind, there are endless possibilities to incorporate the patterns of accessories with your little cub’s clothing.

Many of our clothing items are available in patterns that match our accessories, such as our Koala jackets and koala bibs, so matching has never been easier!

ClayBear Official

If you’re searching for the perfect accessory for a little one, look no further than ClayBear. We are always happy to provide our customers with the highest quality clothing and accessories.

So why wait? View our range, shop for gifts and browse our new collections today. Feel free to get in touch with us by sending an email to and a member of our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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