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Adorable toddler and children’s clothing made with passion and care, from our loving family to yours

ClayBear Official all started when my own little bear was born (Claydon) in 2015. I quickly realised that using cloth nappies and shopping on the high street did not go hand in hand and choice was limited for someone who loved baby clothes as much as I did so, I bought an overlocker and decided.

It was a rough ride but soon Claydon had his own mumma made leggings and our friends at baby group were swooning. I worked out that if I could sell a couple of pairs I could fund more fabric and so ClayBear Official was born.

Fun fact: the 'Official' part of the name was added to make the business sound more professional, haha!


Fast forward to now. We have moved out of the house and are in our very own warehouse. We have a team of wonderful staff and the most wonderful customers. ClayBear is fast becoming a household name and we can't thank you enough for every order you place and keeping our dream alive!

Welcome to our ClayBear family, we hope you find everything you want and need but if not always feel free to pop and email over to us at

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