About us

ClayBear Official all started when my own little bear was born (Claydon) in 2015. 

I really needed something to keep me busy and stop me online shopping so dug my old sewing machine out and started making. To start with it was a burp cloth or blanket when the baby started to nap and then it occured to me that I could make clothes for that little napping bear!

I made a few pairs and fell in love. Thinking about it made me wonder if other people would love them as much as I did and so ClayBear Official was born. 

Less than a year later and I fell pregnant again. Rough pregnancies mean my life goes on hold and ClayBear shut up shop for a while.

January 2017 we reopened and I threw everything in to changing my hobby into a brand and a business that would help me look after these two babies. After all, having children is expensive! 

Now ClayBear is thriving and has really taken itself down its own little branding route and I love what it has become! 

Thank you for choosing to shop with us and keeping my little dream alive!

Oh, and no it did not stop my online shopping obsession. Ooops!

Emma x