Toddler (Age 3-4y) Mystery Bag (RRP £48)


Our ever popular mystery bags are back and this time with more choice than ever! Packed in one of our ClayBear gift bags (the ones your changing bag and children's bags come in) and with a massive saving off of your RRP what could be better?! 

Our 3-4y mystery bags consist of

•3 pairs of leggings

Now for the small print (please read me before buying)

•These bags are non returnable. Please keep this in mind when ordering especially for sizing.

•The following prints are not included as we like to keep all bags as gender neutral as possible. 
*Floral Bee *Floral Elephant *Pink Dragon *Strawberry *Green Dragon *Flamingo

•You will receive a random selection. You may receive current prints, past prints and one off samples but all will be perfect items. 

•If buying more than one bag we can not guarantee you will not receive the same print in both bags

•You may receive leggings and rompers in the same prints but will never received 2 of the same romper/leggings in the same bag.

•No requests will be taken and you will receive a random selection