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Introducing Clay the Bear!

As many of you know, ClayBear Official was born when a love of cloth nappies and clothes combined and the high street just didn’t have the options available to dress my baby boy, Claydon. The answer was to make my own!
Claydon is now 8 years old and has outgrown all the ClayBear love but the business is named after him, we had to keep him involved!
And so, Clay the Bear was born. Combining Claydon’s love for adventures and home comforts we thought it was the perfect idea. A bear to provide the comfort of being at home but encourage even the smallest of adventures.
If you look closely, you will see Claydon’s handwriting in the logo. Its these special touches that make him the perfect, soft companion for your little one.
As with everything we do in this business we want you involved! Buy your bear and follow the simple instructions included with him and receive a free £10 ClayBear voucher to spend on your favourite products.

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