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Pre Loved FAQ's and Information

About ClayBear Pre Loved

Welcome to your ClayBear pre loved FAQ's. Here we will try and answer some of the most frequently asked questions to help you decide whether using the programme is right for you. 

We have often been told how long our clothing lasts and with the massive impact on the planet that fashion has we want to be able to share these pre loved items again and again. Our items are made to last so why not offer you money towards new items and at the same time be able to offer some pre loved items for sale!

All items are priced using a multitude of considerations including the cost we pay to make such items and the average cost paid for a particular item over a certain time period. You agree a price before you trade in and we send you a discount code for the agreed price once we receive your items, ready for you to head on to our website and spend as you please! We pay for shipping and send you a label, all you have to do is drop it off and wait. Easy!

The best part? You item doesn't have to be perfect! We understand over time items can fade or get marks and stains on. All we ask is that your items do not have holes or stains larger than a 50p piece and that the items are wearable/useable



Why aren't all my products eligible for trade-in?

We accept most items for trade-in however, there may be certain items that at this time are not eligible. 

We have sold many different products over the years and it would be impossible to include all so you may not find your product on the trade in list just yet.

How much will I receive for my items?

The discount code we offer for each item is clearly shown on the trade in pages. You will be able to see all prices before agreeing to trade in your items. Please make sure you are happy with this prior to trade in.

How long will it take until I receive my voucher?

We aim to process all trade-ins within 14 days of receiving them. Once we’ve processed your trade-in, your credit will be issued immediately via email. Please keep an eye on your junk/spam folder as sometimes our emails may land there instead of your inbox.

What do you do with the product?

We will decide what to do with each item on an individual basis. We will be opening a pre loved section of the website. We will sell some trade in items here. Please nite, as a business these will be sold for profit and may be sold for more than you received in the form of your offer. Please make sure you are happy with this before trading in.

Other options we will be considering is charity donations and in person pre loved sales.

Is there a minimum amount of items I can trade in?

There is not a minimum amount of items but there is a minimum trade in value of £10. This is to account for the postage we as a business pay for you to return such items.

Could I get more money if I sold this myself elsewhere?

Absolutely! There are some amazing platforms to sell items on and we of course are happy to encourage this. As a business we have other commitments and bills and therefore we may not be able to offer you as much as you would get selling an item personally. 

What we can offer you is an easy to use service with monies in turn to spend with your favourite brand ;-)

If I send you multiple items will I receive one voucher or multiple?

You will recieve one voucher per trade in transaction. If your parcel contains 10 items you will receive one voucher for the total agreed for the 10 items.

Can I send you back other items I have bought elsewhere?

If your items are genuine ClayBear Official items you can send them back to us, it doesn't matter if you purchased them new from us or from a car boot sale. We will check all items for authenticity upon receiving them.

Contact us

Have an issue? Send us an email at and we'll aim to get back to you within 48hrs. Please note we do not work weekends.

If you have a question about a trade-in you have created, please include the trade-in ID in the subject line of the email.

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