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Stroller Hacks: From A Pram Organiser To Storage Tips

For new parents, it seems like the one possession that is constantly by your side every time you leave your house is your stroller. The first design for a stroller appeared in the 1700s and was considered a luxury item used by the wealthy, being drawn by animals like a carriage instead of being pushed by humans.

Since then the stroller has become and has grown in popularity to be used by nearly every family with a baby around the world. Before this babies were often just carried in hands, slings, baskets or straps. But now modern strollers are a great investment for a new family, due to the number of great features and hacks you can use to make them even better.

ClayBear Official has put together a great guide of stroller hacks and tips to get the best out of your baby's transportation.

Bike Lock

While it may seem like a horrible thing to do, some people may try to steal unaccompanied strollers, thinking you may have valuables stored in the pockets or to sell the stroller on for a tidy profit. An easy way to protect from thieves is by carrying around a bike lock with you.

This way if you need to leave the stroller anywhere, such as outside a cafe, you can simply loop your bike lock through the stroller wheel and a nearby fence to secure it. Then you can head inside and not have to worry about anybody walking off with your stroller.

Pram Organisers

One of the best ways to enhance the experience of your stroller is with a pram organiser bag. This typically consists of an additional pouch that can be easily attached to most stroller options, such as the stroller organisers from ClayBear. A stroller organiser will usually consist of a series of pockets that you can use to organise your possessions. They’re perfect for a trip to the park or a play date, where you might need to bring quite a few things with you but also conveniently on hand for when you need them.

With a series of pockets you can store whatever you need, such as nappies, wipes, food, drinks, your purse/wallet, keys and anything else you can think of. Stroller organisers are great as they can add instant storage space to any stroller, as the model you have may not have any additional storage.

Stroller Weather Shield

It can be the worst when you’re planning on going for a walk with your child in their stroller, but it starts to rain outside. Luckily if you have a stroller weather shield, you no longer have the problem of your child getting wet. A weather shield simply attaches to your stroller and you can pull it over your child to shield them from the rain. Now you can go for your walk or get to where you’re going with your child staying safe and dry. Now all you have to worry about is a coat and umbrella for yourself!

A summer alternative is to use a lightweight blanket and clip it to the frame of your stroller. This will keep the harsh rays off your child but not trapped in a plastic canopy that can overheat easily. For these hotter days, you may also want to utilise a clip on fan, just ensure the cage is small enough so your child can’t accidentally put their fingers through and hurt themselves.

Reflective & Grip Tape

Many people don’t like to walk with their strollers at night because they’re scared about the visibility of it in the darkness. You can solve this problem by equipping your pram with reflective tape, the same kind cyclists use. This way you can take your stroller out at night and not have to worry about any cars not seeing you as you try to cross roads. Combine this with a reflective jacket of your own and you’ll have peace of mind whatever time of day it is.

Another type of tape you might want to utilise on your stroller is grip tape. Unless you have a stroller with a great ergonomic design, you might start to feel your hands getting sore from applying a lot of pressure to uncomfortable handles. The best way around this is to add some padding to your handles, such as grip tape. This is designed to give a comfortable grip, and will also help to improve the appearance of your stroller when the material starts to get damaged.

Icy Conditions

Even in the middle of winter you might need to get where you need to go in icy conditions with your stroller. A smart hack is to put zip ties around the wheels of your stroller, cutting off any excess to keep the ride smooth. The zip ties will help the stroller to get better traction on icy or slippery roads, making it much safer to get from one place to another.

Remember if it’s cold out to make sure your child is wrapped up nice and warm, maybe utilising a cover over their seat to keep the cold wind away. You could also use a heat mat or hot water bottle to give them a little bit of warmth. Just remember that these things should be warm and not boiling.


Even when collapsed, a stroller can still take up a lot of space in your home. So you want to think of smart storage solutions that will keep it out of the way but also convenient to get when you need it. One idea is to utilise existing door hooks where you would normally hang coats. You will probably already have a convenient space on your stroller where you could hang it, but if you don’t you can easily buy a hook that will attach to the door with ease.


General wear and tear may leave your stroller not looking its best over time. Cleaning is quick and easy and you can in most cases just use soap, some warm water and a sponge to scrub your stroller clean. If it’s a nice day you can then just leave it out in the sun to dry. Keep on the lookout for any rust that is forming, as this should be a priority to remove before it becomes a bigger issue.


It’s more than likely you’ll trust your stroller to someone else to use at some point, whether this is a relative, babysitter or friend. Most strollers differ in slight ways, so an easy way to prevent confusion is to label the different parts. Small handwritten labels pointing out the brakes and any other important controls will make operating the stroller a lot simpler for anybody to pick up. These labels can also be useful if your stroller is difficult to fold and unfold, allowing you to clearly label the steps so even the most confused constructor can figure it out.

Clips & Carabiners

If you’re going shopping with your stroller, and don’t have the ability to push a trolley at the same time, you can use clips or carabiners to attach shopping bags to your stroller. This will increase the weight and make it harder to push, but will be a lot more easy and convenient than trying to manage a trolley or carry a bunch of shopping bags in one hand. If you find adding extra bags is creating a strange balance and making it harder to push your stroller, attach ankle weights or another heavy object to the front legs. This will stabilise the stroller for easier pushing.

Buggy Organiser Bags & More From ClayBear

If you’re looking to get your buggy organised, shop with ClayBear Official today. Our Stroller organiser range is a great choice and compatible with most stroller types. Simply secure to your stroller or pram using the two adjustable velcro straps and immediately enjoy the benefits of the organiser. It has multiple pockets, two elasticated insulated pockets and a magnetic closing to keep your possessions safe.

You’ll have space for everything you need, from a sippy bottle and plasters, to wet wipes and snacks. You can even store your own things in the front with two zipped sections. The organisers allow you to instantly access what you need without having to rifle about in a large bag. Be the envy of the playground with our beautiful stroller organisers, available now at ClayBear’s website.

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